Folk og (sjø)røvere i Kristiansand


So… I guess this is my first blog post here. Normally I’d write in Norwegian, but I thought it would be fun to try write this blog in English. It’s good practice for me, and (hopefully) understandable for a lot more people! Ignore the headline though. So without further ado, lets dive into my trip to k-r-i-s-t-i-a-n-s-a-n-d!

A few weeks ago I visited ‘Dyreparken’ with my aunt and cousin’s daughter, in a city named Kristiansand. It’s like a big amusement-park with animals, children’s plays, and lots of fun stuff to do. As always, I brought my camera, and took some photos that I wanted to share!

048027 060-kopi084

This is the hotel we stayed in the first night. The building looks like a big ship, and its literally a ten second-walk away from the park. Also, the whole inside is decorated like a zoo, and the breakfast-buffet is delicious!


The day after, we moved into ‘Abrahavn’ which is a pirate-themed neighbourhood with lots of small houses for rent. It’s a 10 minute walk away from the park, and there is constantly something happening for the children. “Pirates” will occasionally show up, and one evening they arranged something they called the “fire-test”. It was basically a number of tests that the kids had to master in order to prove that they were real pirates too. Including a tug-war:


Boys against girls. Who do you think won? The girls, of course!




We bought a postcard each, and all three of us sat down to write a little note to someone who wasn’t as lucky to be there as us. But the postcard from “Hakkebakkeskogen” was so beautiful, and I ended up keeping it myself, tihi.


We didn’t just meet the pirates, but also the thieves living in “Kardemommeby”. They were so funny, and I got my cousin’s daughter to take a picture with them, even though she was strongly arguing that they would kidnap her, as thiefes do.


Then it was time for a break, at least for the older and weaker ones like myself. The younger ones did not seem very happy about pausing the fun.


Then, in “Hakkebakkeskogen” we watched a play sitting inside a train while it drove through a forest. It was so cool!

179 181 182  189 183190 195

This is probably my favourite person from the whole of “Dyreparken”. He had such a funny face, and I really felt us sharing a special moment several times during the play 😉

196 198 199 200

Cuteness-overload right there!

202 207 208slanger kopier

I have a brave family, right? Not so brave myself though, but I could just feel that snake become more and more irritated…

224 228 231

Also, what is a zoo without a real, dangerous tiger? Luckily, we had one with us.


So there you have it! That was my Kristiansand-trip in photos. I hope I’ll come back soon, and if you are going to Kristiandsand or somewhere near – make sure to visit Dyreparken! Its grrrreat!

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