The summer here in Bergen is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend it’s still 25°C outside, walk around in summerdresses and eat icecream at every opportunity. Personally, I’m one of those really unlucky people who just always seem to get sick with no reason, so my days are mostly spent in my pyjamas which are tucked under big woolsocks, as I desperately chug down a mix of herbal tea, paracetamol and C-vitamins. Anyway, here are some photos that I took with Marte in August, when summer was still around and my throat-infection was not…


Oh, how I love sunsets and the beautiful light that is left afterwards. We had to drive pretty fast to catch it, and we basically ran out of the car when we found this open grass-field. To take photos of people is truly one of my favourite-hobbies, and I just wish I could do that and nothing more for the rest of my life 🙂


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I am going to be honest; seeing animals caged in zoos are on the top-10-list of things that I hate in this world. Even though these animals had some space to wander around in, there is, and will always be, something wrong about kidnapping wild animals for humans’ pure joy of watching them. But there are so manye beautiful creatures that I probably wouldn’t have seen in real life otherwise (and that is probably how it should have been). So I couldn’t resist snatching a few photos of the giraffe.

165 151

… and my all time favourite animal: Deers ♥ It’s not a secret that Bambi was one of my favourite Disney-films when I was little.

135 133 132

And as the crazy flower lover that i am, I just had to sneak in some photos of the beautiful flowery meadows around the park.

166 169 170 171

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Folk og (sjø)røvere i Kristiansand


So… I guess this is my first blog post here. Normally I’d write in Norwegian, but I thought it would be fun to try write this blog in English. It’s good practice for me, and (hopefully) understandable for a lot more people! Ignore the headline though. So without further ado, lets dive into my trip to k-r-i-s-t-i-a-n-s-a-n-d!

A few weeks ago I visited ‘Dyreparken’ with my aunt and cousin’s daughter, in a city named Kristiansand. It’s like a big amusement-park with animals, children’s plays, and lots of fun stuff to do. As always, I brought my camera, and took some photos that I wanted to share!

048027 060-kopi084

This is the hotel we stayed in the first night. The building looks like a big ship, and its literally a ten second-walk away from the park. Also, the whole inside is decorated like a zoo, and the breakfast-buffet is delicious!


The day after, we moved into ‘Abrahavn’ which is a pirate-themed neighbourhood with lots of small houses for rent. It’s a 10 minute walk away from the park, and there is constantly something happening for the children. “Pirates” will occasionally show up, and one evening they arranged something they called the “fire-test”. It was basically a number of tests that the kids had to master in order to prove that they were real pirates too. Including a tug-war:


Boys against girls. Who do you think won? The girls, of course!




We bought a postcard each, and all three of us sat down to write a little note to someone who wasn’t as lucky to be there as us. But the postcard from “Hakkebakkeskogen” was so beautiful, and I ended up keeping it myself, tihi.


We didn’t just meet the pirates, but also the thieves living in “Kardemommeby”. They were so funny, and I got my cousin’s daughter to take a picture with them, even though she was strongly arguing that they would kidnap her, as thiefes do.


Then it was time for a break, at least for the older and weaker ones like myself. The younger ones did not seem very happy about pausing the fun.


Then, in “Hakkebakkeskogen” we watched a play sitting inside a train while it drove through a forest. It was so cool!

179 181 182  189 183190 195

This is probably my favourite person from the whole of “Dyreparken”. He had such a funny face, and I really felt us sharing a special moment several times during the play 😉

196 198 199 200

Cuteness-overload right there!

202 207 208slanger kopier

I have a brave family, right? Not so brave myself though, but I could just feel that snake become more and more irritated…

224 228 231

Also, what is a zoo without a real, dangerous tiger? Luckily, we had one with us.


So there you have it! That was my Kristiansand-trip in photos. I hope I’ll come back soon, and if you are going to Kristiandsand or somewhere near – make sure to visit Dyreparken! Its grrrreat!

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